System Integration

Data Integration

Modern shipping profits rest on these two words. Without quality data integration, fast ships and quick stevedores can't help you.

At Autoship Systems Corporation, we are in the business of designing software that efficiently coordinates cargo planning between terminal, ship, shipping line, and terminal agencies. Our success depends on how easy we make it for you to transfer data between our planning software and your existing data structures - and we've been very successful.

We offer the best possible scenario for a customer: by taking advantage of both standard EDI methods and proprietary methods, our applications give you greater data integration capabilities yet operate on a standalone basis. None of your existing systems or data base structures need change to accommodate our applications. The result is that you get seamless, low-impact data integration and planning capabilities.

But seamless data integration does not by itself translate into success - the interface must also be easily used by real people in real operations. If a new tool is to be truly successful, then using it must quickly become second nature and must never be seen as an obstacle. This means that the tool must be designed to fit perfectly within the operating environment and conditions. At ASC, we've accumulated industry-specific experience and expertise in designing the interface to meet your operational requirements.

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