System Implementation

Successful implementation starts with a good design process, and ASC's expertise at this is unsurpassed.

The ability to design software that performs a certain set of functions is only one component of a successful solution; to be truly successful, designers must pay attention to how it will perform, how easy it will be to use, and to the usability of the data it will provide. To do this, we and our partners must make sure that our own industry experts, interface design experts, and customer relations personnel are fully involved in the design process.

The software development process is cooperative and iterative, and in order to successfully implement a design the customer must enter into this process at several key stages.

The first stage of customer involvement is in the production of a technical specification - which is a cooperative process of development towards a final signed document. After the specification is settled, ASC produces a series of increasingly complete "betas". The customer reviews each beta and provides feedback on how the functionality and interface meet the specifications. The result is not only that you receive a well-designed, tested and proven final product, but also that you now have people in your own company who are trained and ready to implement the system throughout your organization.

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