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Autoload Tanker

Autoload Tanker General User Interface

Autoload Tanker Key Features
Autoload Tanker performs all the same stability, strength, and reporting capabilities as Autoload Stability, but also provides very useful tank management features:

  • Separate cargo tank tab with key features include VCF and pump rate.
  • Editable cargo database for petroleum and non-petroleum products. VCF is as per API or is interpolated from user-input data.
  • Internationally recognized Ullage Survey Report for before loading and after discharge.

Cargo Tanks
All key cargo data is shown in the Tank Dialogue window; to view only cargo tanks, click the Cargo tab in this window. If Autoload is connected to tank sensors, the pump rate is calculated automatically on discharge/filling operations:

Tank Dialogue Showing Only Cargo Tanks

Add, edit or delete the cargo database. Both petroleum and non-petroleum products can be added:

Cargo List

For non-petroleum products, Volume Correction Factor (VCF) is determined by straight-line interpolation between user-defined VCF-temperature values. For any petroleum product cargo, define volume correction properties using API, relative density, or density:

Cargo Properties Dialogue

Autoload Tanker includes all the basic reports produced by Autoload Stability, but also provides an Ullage Survey Report in internationally recognized format. Signature-ready Loading and After Discharge reports are easily produced for Terminal Representatives, Surveyors, Vessel Masters and Chief Officers.

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