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Break Bulk Cargo Vessels
As part of a Stowage Planning System, Autoship Systems is providing Westwood Shipping Lines and Chinese Polish Shipping with a version of Autoload specialized for breakbulk cargo carriers.

Bulk and General Cargo Vessels

Autoload is used on bulk and general cargo carriers, both independently and in concert with our Stowage Planning software.

Customers include: Astron Maritime Company S.A., August Marine Ltd., Canada Steamship Lines, COSCO, DonsoTank Rederi AS, Lomar Shipping, Mediterranean Maritime S.A., Pac Ship Management, Seaarland Shipping Management, Upper Lakes, V SHIPS, UK Ltd. Group, and Western Geophysical UK.

Cable and Pipe Laying Vessels
Autoload is used on HJ Barreras SA's cable ship Iberus, on Hay's Shipping Ltd.'s flex pipe layer Kommandor 3000 and on Secunda Marine's Cable layer vessel Agile.

Cassette Carrier Vessels
Stena Lines uses Autoload on board its Cassette Carrier Stena Tentim.

Coast Guard Vessels
Autoload is installed on the Canadian Coast Guard vessels John Jacobson and Gordon Reid. Both are specialized Search and Rescue vessels, and needed loading software able to meet the criteria for that demanding environment. Other Coast Guard Vessel installations include: Norwegian Navy's Senja, Andenes, Nordkapp and Svalbard.

Container Cargo Vessels, and Vessels with Container Decks
Autoload is provided to container cargo vessels in both standalone form and as part of a Stowage Planning System. SPS customers use a version of Autoload specialized for both the type of vessel and SPS. Customers include: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (SPS for 80 Vessels, all WWL planning offices worldwide, and selected service providers), Westwood Shipping Lines, Edison Chouest Offshore and Lomar Shipping.

Cruise Ships and Passenger Vessels

BC Ferries of Canada chose Autoload for their two "Superferry" class vessels, the Spirit of Vancouver and the Spirit of British Columbia. (These vessels were also designed using Autoship's CAD/CAM software). Other installations include: Big Red Boat's Atlantic and Oceanic, Sea Quest's Sun Vista, Leisure World, and Amusement World, Orient Line's Marco Polo, and Crown Odysseyand UNICOM Ship Management's Maxim Gorkiy.

Engineering Support Vessels
Halliburton Subsea uses Autoload on board Rockwater 1 and Northern Marine Management on board Rockwater 2 engineering support vessels.

Fishing Vessels (Offshore, Factory, Freezer)
Autoload is installed on American Seafood's offshore vessel Ocean Rover, and on their factory freezer trawler American Triumph.

Naval Vessels
The United States Navy's Military Sealift Command installed Autoload on two Military Support Vessels and one Missile Range Instrumentation Ship.

The Norwegian Navy installed Autoload on four vessels used primarily for coast guard duties.

The French Navy installed Autoload on three Frigates, HMS Al-Riyadh, HMS Makkah and HMS Al-Dammam.

Oil Rigs and Oil Production Vessels

Autoship provides a customized Autoload specifically for oil rigs and oil production vessels. The user interface remains the same as for standard Autoload users, but the software accurately models the unique behaviour of the oil rig or production vessel. Customers include:Bergesen Offshore ASA, Borgland, BP, Dolphon Ltd., Norsk Hydro, Oddfjell Drilling AS, ProSafe Offshore, Safe Service Ltd., StatOil, Total Automation Ltd., and Transocean Sedco Forex.

Ro-Ro and PCTC Vessels

Autoship Systems Corporation produces stowage planning systems for Ro-Ro and PCTC vessels, in which Autoload is included as the hydrostatics engine. Customers include: Northern Marine Management, Phenix Shipping, Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd., Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (SPS).

Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Vessels
Offshore Heavy Transport (now Boskalis) used Autoload on two sister-ships - Black Marlin and Blue Marlin - the largest heavy lift vessels of their kind in the world. It was the Blue Marlin, that transported the terrorist-damaged USS Cole from Yemen waters back to its home port of Newport News VA.

In the case of the 9,000 ton USS Cole, transporting across two major oceans without incident required Autoload to both plan the stability and the deballast plan ahead of time - and to monitor both in real time using the PC in the loading control room of the Blue Marlin.

Autoload is installed on Phenix Shipping's Clipper Cheyenne, a Ro-Ro/heavy Lift vessel and two of BOA Limited's heavy lift barges. The latest installation is on Keppel Fels Semi-submersible, West Setia.

Supply and Support Vessels
Autoload is employed onboard supply and/or support vessels operated by BOA Limited, Bourbon Offshore Norway, DIAMAR S.P.A., Eidesvik, Farstad Shipping ASA, Island Offshore, Maersk, Normand Rover, Olympic Shipping, P/R International Offshore Services ANS, Rolls Royce, Simek, Smedvig, Solstad Shipping, Stolt Offshore, Surf, Swire Pacific, Trico, Ulstein Verft and Unie Van Reding.

Tanker Vessels
Autoship provides a dedicated version of Autoload for Tankers: Autoload-Tanker. The Tank Contents window and its associated specialized tools are specifically designed for tanker cargo. Customers include: Capital Ship Management Corp., Cleveland Tankers, Gibson Gas Tankers Limited, Humbolt Ltd., PEMEX, Polembros Shipping Ltd., SeaWill, Sloman Neptun Schiffahrts-AG, Stelmar Tankers, Sulphur Carriers USA, and Teekay Marine (Canada) Ltd.


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