Autoship Systems Corporation continues to set industry standards by meeting customer needs precisely and efficiently with our Autoload® product line. Autoload is the market-leading onboard stability and stowage planning software.

Customize your Autoload solution to meet your specific stability and cargo management requirements. This world-renowned hydrostatic engine can be linked with stowage planning modules specific to your vessel type. Modules include bulk (dry or liquid), break bulk, ro-ro, container, offshore or any combination.

Talk with us to find out which module is right for you and how we can easily and effectively integrate Autoload with your vessel control systems.


BOURBON Offshore has installed 50 licenses of Autoload Onboard Stability software so far and plans on more. The most recent delivery will be for the EVOLUTION 809, a multipurpose supply vessel designed for sub sea operations for the oil and gas industry. The EVOLUTION 809 has diesel-electric propulsion and can work at a depth of up to 3,000 meters, has 2 Active Heave Compensation (AHC) cranes which can be operated simultaneously and is equipped for fire-fighting - all making it a very cost-effective solution for offshore operations. The vessel is one of ten within the series that will all be outfitted with Autoload.

ECO Image
Autoload Onboard Marine Loading Computer

Our stability and load planning software is a robust, intuitive, easy to use program that offers a simple to understand display of key hydrostatic values that are critical for safe vessel loading. With minimal input from the user, the program provides a quick and accurate assessment of the vessel’s current stability status, loads and important margins. The user is then free to make critical decisions while the computer takes care of the mathematical complexity.


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