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We can provide a Yard Planning System (YPS) to operate as an add-on to any existing Cargo Terminal System.

Our yard planning solutions optimize the stowage, loading, and discharge efficiencies of any yard by making the most effective use of the minimum amount of resources. These solutions involve using advanced capabilities to achieve both preplanning and allocation of randomly arriving cargo.

Key to our system is our concept of the Slot - the area that defines the footprint of any cargo item on the yard surface or warehouse floor. Each footprint, or slot, has a definition which includes: cargo dimensions, number of cargo items (if any) in the stack; cargo description; and various status categories (DAGO, Reefer, etc.). You can manage slots for marine cargo of any size or type.

Our systems include two-dimensional maps of the yard area, three-dimensional representations of any fixed warehouse structures, and maps of fixed internal arrangement inside the warehouses. Unique use cases are identified and agreed upon with each yard customer; for example: a container yard's operations might be categorized under three headings: Slot Planning, Slot Management, and Report Production use cases.

Slot definitions and locations need to be created and changed within the yard, so YPS has to be able to define and change any slot at any usable location within the yard. Part of this process is defining transport lanes and grouping slots into areas for specific purposes.

Yard operations personnel need reports in order to work efficiently; they also need to be able to receive instructions regarding loading, unloading, and storage - including slot, stack position, DAGO, etc. YPS includes a complete and flexible system of reports, with formats custom-tailored to your requirements.

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