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Autoship can partner with any provider of terminal management systems to produce a complete Terminal Management Systems (TMS).

Autoship can provide the Graphical Planning/Yard Planning System, the Graphical Planning/Vessel Load Planning System, and components of the interfacing systems. We have designed our components to be adaptable to any terminal and type of cargo, and to have no impact on your choice of auxiliary systems (such as Scanning, Electronic Communications, Import/Export/Customer Relations Interface, Web Interface, Proprietary data exchange systems).

Autoship approaches the challenge with a simple premise: we view the terminal as a key component in your global logistics services chain, and therefore TMS (and all its components) must be able to integrate seamlessly with all other third-party and internal systems. Given this premise, we apply modern data communication methods to achieve such integration.

A TMS must be a global solution that tackles the challenges of multiple cargo facilities, vessel operators and terminal customers. It must integrate cargo management systems between carriers, terminals and other members of the intermodal chain, thus making reliable and accurate cargo information more visible to both logistics experts and shippers alike.

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