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Our basic stowage planning tool for use on board individual tanker vessels is actually a specialized version of our hydrostatic calculation software Autoload®. If you need to exchange stowage plan and booking list data within your larger information system, this basic Autoload® Tanker™ software can become part of a complete Stowage Planning System for Tankers (SPS® Tanker™).

Autoload Tanker is designed to meet the marine shipping industry's operational requirements for analysis, tracking, and reporting of stability, trim, longitudinal strength, and loading condition. Based on Autoload 5.0.1, it includes on-board stability and strength monitoring capabilities that provide you with seaworthiness information throughout your voyage. Autoload Tanker, just as the standard Autoload, is configured specifically for each individual ship - which allows you to simulate loading conditions and quickly verify stability, trim, and longitudinal strength. For ease of use our versatile hydrostatic engine has been given a simplified control system. Depending on the ship, tank contents and draft may be input directly from sensors.

Autoload Tanker's Main Features:

  • High accuracy calculations based on a real 3-D model of your ship.
  • The ability to model all tank contents and cargo carried by your vessel
  • The ability to monitor and analyze tank sensor data
  • The ability to monitor and analyze draft sensor data
  • Calculation and display of moments of inertia for tank contents, fixed weights, deck cargo, and added mass weights
  • Radius of gyration calculations and display
  • Calculation and display of natural roll and pitch periods
  • The ability to export total moments of inertia for a given loading condition


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