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Booking Lists

We use the widely recognized term "booking list" to denote the document, whether virtual or on paper, that lists the cargo booked for a voyage. The booking list is the central reference point for cargo information - and our electronic form of this list is used to communicate with your supply chain.

Our concept of the booking list file is what allows us our wide flexibility in communicating with different databases and booking systems: you do not need to change your booking system to meet our requirements. We meet yours. Then we base our planning systems on a unique method of defining a booking, and on our methods for managing the information associated with it.

Our booking list files contain the latest updates on when each cargo item is received at which terminal, when it will be stowed on the vessel, what shifting is scheduled throughout the voyage, what special stowage considerations are required, when it will be discharged, and when it leaves the shipping company's charge. More or less detailed cargo information may be required, depending on cargo type and shipping company.

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