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Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Vessels

Offshore Heavy Transport (now Dockwise) used Autoload on two sister-ships - Black Marlin and Blue Marlin - the largest heavy lift vessels of their kind in the world. It was one of these sister-ships, the Blue Marlin, that transported the terrorist-damaged USS Cole from Yemen waters back to its home port of Newport News VA. In the case of the 9,000 ton USS Cole, transporting across two major oceans without incident required Autoload to both plan the stability and the deballast plan ahead of time - and to monitor both in real time using the PC in the loading control room of the Blue Marlin.

Autoload is also used on Phenix Shipping's Clipper Cheyenne, a Ro-Ro/heavy Lift vessel and two of BOA Limited's heavy lift barges. The latest installation is on Keppel Fels semi-submersible, West Setia.

Click here for more information on our software for heavy lift vessels.

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