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Press Releases


Autoload Stability Software 3D Crane Module Receives Approval
Autoship Systems Corporation (ASC) of Vancouver, Canada is pleased to announce the advanced Autoload 3D crane module is now type approved by DNV.

The Autoload 3D model includes a detailed model of the crane including all moving components; winches, hooks and falls. When a user hooks a cargo to the crane and moves it into any position, (or moves the crane without a load), the vessel’s floating condition, stability and strength will update in real time. The resulting calculations are very accurate since the weight and COG of every separate part of the crane, plus the weight of wire paid out and even the buoyancy of a load when hooked and partially submerged is taken into account.

Ship Loading Software
Autoload 3D viewer, crane operation

The crane can be connected online to crane sensors for real time simulation, or set to offline when planning a heavy lift.

A Crane Load Chart controlling that the crane itself is not overloaded is also included. 

Ship Loading Software
Crane window, showing all crane details, including load chart, selected hook / winch,
(red curve, green dot shows current lift on safe side) 

A new “loading sequence planning” and “auto-ballast tool” allow for quick and reliable step-by-step planning of a lift operation.

The cranes are interactively controlled by mouse, numerical input or by sensor input.  

ASC is a marine software developer based in Vancouver, Canada. For over 30 years, ASC has been producing first class software design solutions for naval architects and marine engineers around the world. ASC has also been providing world-class load planning systems and loading instruments to the marine shipping industry. For more information email

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